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Position ID August_2021
Job Title Software Developer
Category Software Developer

Qualification: Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science or a related field

Job description:

Ø  Participate in Sprint planning and backlog meetings and completing assigned agile tasks;

Ø  Develop and maintain automated continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines for all source code projects using GITHUB, JENKINS and CHEF;

Ø  Develop automation scripts to deploy applications from lower level to production environment;

Ø  Modify custom policies for Elasticsearch and Kibana Dashboard in AWS in order to access from internal network;

Ø  Integrate AWS Logs to Centralized Log account (S3 Bucket) and create trigger events from that using Lambda;

Ø  Provide support and fix the issues that come up during code installation on production environment; and

Ø  Perform Testing, System Testing to Validate Functional & GUI Requirements of Web Based applications; and Handling the defect tracking and reporting in Jira

Location QUINCY, Massachusett
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