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Position ID # 1046
Job Title Software Developer
Category Developer


·        Design and develop the agent portal using framework AngularJS 2.0 along with HTML5, CSS3, and TypeScript.

·        The portal is made responsive using CSS3, preprocessors like SASS, Bootstrap, and media queries to support desktop and tablets.

·        Write modular, secure, and well-tested front-end code in TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS using the latest web.

·        Implement HTTP requests using RXJS Observable library to handle multiple values over time.

·        Use REST client / POSTMAN to check the response of various API's, Swagger UI as a visual documentation for back-end implementation and client-side consumption.

·        Develop secured credit and fraud check flows for customer verification.

·        Implement Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as agent performs application tasks.

·        Work on customer's cart including the add/remove items, save items in cart after log out and estimated taxes based on store location.

·        Develop the activation flow for new Modesto lines and porting lines.

·        Create a build process for different environments like develop, staging and production.

·        Use Webpack to build TypeScript modules.

·        Involve in writing test cases using Jasmine and Karma to ensure 100% code coverage.

·        Generate the code coverage report using Istanbul.

·        Use GIT for source control and JIRA for tracking purposes.

·        Develop Angular-JS components such as controllers, Services, filters, models.

·        Work with SP.js and WEB API's to make calls to the web services using URLs, which would perform GET, PUT, POST and DELETE operations on the server.

·        Create controllers for each page with dependencies included such as $q, $location, $window, $routeParams and all the services to be used on the controller.

·        Create the tree view structure and search functionality for the list of contracts in application configure page.

·        Work on form validations and drop-down menus for contract creation page.

·        Utilize Angular UI-bootstrap and followed EY styling standards.

·        Involve in AngularJS 2.0 training and future implementation for EY Leases phase II.

·        Closely work with the quality team for fixing the desk check observations.

·        Use ESLint as a code cleanup tool.

·        Implement code coverage using Karma and Jasmine for Angular JS on the client side.


Minimum Requirement: Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology or related field.


Mail resume with code # to: HR, Teknatio Inc., 1006 W 9th Ave, Suite 225, King Of Prussia, PA 19406.
Location Texas
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