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Position ID #1034
Job Title Software Developer
Category Developer

Minimum Requirement: Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in Computer Science,  Engineering, Information Technology or related field.

Job Duties :


Involve in software Analysis, Design, development, and testing (Complete SDLC life cycle) in the project.

Be part of the development team working to continually provide enhancements to our 3rd party application using efficient code and best practices.

Use the Eclipse IDE/ STS for developing internal website and writing consumer tests of consumer driven contracts using Pact framework.

Develop internal web-site using the technologies Jekyll, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

Introduce and implementing consumer driven contract testing using Pact Framework. This provides huge benefits in understanding the internal consumers of services which gives real time information if any changes to current APIs broke their contracts.

Write and execute consumer driven contract testing using Pact and Pact broker.

Create client/provider tests and published Pacts to the pact broker.

Use contract- based verification of client and provider REST endpoints using Pact.

Use Docker to publish the generated pacts to the Dockerized Pactbroker on Red-Hat server and implement Docker-compose files to spin up.

Enhance service mocking tool using JavaScript/Node JS, ensure features are covered by

automated unit and integration tests running continuously in a CICD pipeline.

Work with scrum teams across the division to pilot contract testing frameworks.

Research Puppeteer and Headless Chrome technologies, prepare recommendations for

implementation across division.

Research open source tools to test MQs.

Develop standards and guidelines on how to test whether an application in cloud native .

Write Junit test cases and write fitness automation testcases.

UAT implementation and defects fixing.


Mail resume with code # to: HR, Teknatio Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Building 200, Suite 230,Plainsboro, NJ-08536.

Location Arkansas
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